RM Webinar: Tools of the Times: Getting Digital in Your RM

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Title: Tools of the Times: Getting Digital in Your RM
The webinar originally took place on July 14th, 2020.

Finding new ways to stay in connected with friends, family, neighbours and customers during the pandemic continues to be a significant challenge for local residents as well as those in the business community and service sector. As an organization committed to providing a voice to the communities in which we operate, Golden West understands the importance and the challenges your office faces, as you bear the responsibility of communicating vital information to residents across the region and throughout the province.

We’d like to help. Whether you’re dealing with urgent, emergency communication that will impact local residents, or reminders of important upcoming events, communicating on the mass scale your office is used to, is difficult and time-consuming. We can offer you tools to streamline all of your communication. We can help transform hours of website and social media updates into simple updates that can take as little as a few minutes.

To show you exactly how we can help, we’d like you to attend a free Communication Management session with our Golden West and Homefield Marketing Teams. We’ll show you smart media-management tools like Listing Sync Pro, which makes updating info across all your digital platforms easy – using a simple dashboard.

For questions about our services please reach out to our team!

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