Webinar: Pushing Your Business Through the Pandemic – Session 2

This 2nd webinar in our “Pushing Your Business Through the Pandemic” series will further equip you to lead your business and your employees effectively. Learn how to access government resources for your business; get tips on managing your teams’ productivity; and learn security strategies to protect your business from cyber attacks.

The webinar originally took place on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.


Ryan Palmer & Brad Klassen – KPMG

  • Government Resources for your business simplified

Brittany Pedden – HR Consultant & Stephanie Wiens – Summit Organizational Development

  • What are my rights/responsibility as an employer (top 3 Qs) and what are my rights/responsibility of an employee (top 3 Qs)?
  • How does an employer rebound and restore productivity of your teams through change management?

Dave Lehman, VP IT and Digital Media, Golden West

  • Cyber Security, How to protect your business from major loss

Golden West