Webinar: Pushing Your Business Through the Pandemic

There’s no handbook for business owners on how to handle the current crisis. View our free webinar, designed specifically to help small business owner navigate these uncharted waters. Learn how to communicate with your customers through this crisis, get tips on managing your teams remotely, and learn digital strategies you can use to stay connected to your clientele.

The webinar originally took place on Thursday, Apr 9, 2020.


  • Matt Sunshine – Managing Partner, The Center for Sales Strategy
  • Chuck Mefford – Founding Partner, BrandsFormation
  • George Leith – CRO, Vendasta


  • Key Strategies for Working at Home & Managing Your Team Remotely
  • How to Communicate with Consumers
  • Case Studies of Comeback Companies in Times of Crisis
  • Digital Strategies to Stay Connected to Your Clients

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